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May 28th - July 10th, 2022
$40 Entry Fee
Entry Deadline is May 26th

Welcome Ladies to the 2022 Summer Madness Online Tournament. 
The tournament will be from May 28 - July 10, 2022. All participants must be paid members of Gulf Coast Lady Anglers (GCLA). This is a 6 week online tournament. Catch your fish, put your fish on a Check-It Stik with the assigned item, photograph your fish, and then email your photo. 

Prizes: Cash prizes and the number of places paid out will be based on the number of entrants (100% payout). Prize amounts and places paid will be announced the day the tournament begins.
**You can win only one category - awarded in the order below.** 

  • Longest Stringer: 2 Speckled Trout, 2 Flounder, and 1 Redfish (28” max) 
    (You do not have to have all 5 fish for the stringer)

  • Longest Flounder 

  • FRESHWATER! Longest Catfish (Channel, Blue or Flathead) (30” max) 

  • Longest Speckled Trout 

  • Redfish with the Most Spots 

Sharon Stewart will be the tournament director. You can email questions to sharon.stewart@swbell.netPlease thoroughly read all the rules on acceptable fish, how to measure your fish and how to submit your photos from the "Registration & Rules" link below.

To enter by mail print the form from this link.​ Mailed entry must be received by Thursday, May 26th.

To enter online, complete the form below and pay by Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to pay via Paypal. There is a $1.50 paypal fee. By submitting this online entry and your fee you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the Rules & Registration for this tournament.

Good luck Ladies!

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