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Oct. 2nd - Nov. 14th, 2021
$40 Entry Fee
Entry Deadline is Sept. 30th

Huge Congratulations to our Winners:
1st Stringer 101 1/2" - Beth Costin 
2nd Stringer 99 3/4" - Lynette Hudson 
1st Speckled Trout 20 7/8" - Jackie Fisher 
1st Fresh Catfish 28 1/8" - Debbie Craddock 
1st Black Drum 20 1/2" - Heather Shedd 
1st Redfish Spots (14) - Sandra Hayley


Welcome Ladies to the 2021 Fall Madness Online Tournament. The tournament will be from Oct. 2 - Nov. 14, 2021. All participants must be paid members of Gulf Coast Lady Anglers (GCLA). This is a 6 week online tournament. Catch your fish, put your fish on a Check It Stik with the assigned item, photograph your fish, and then email your photo. 

Tournament has started. The “designated item” which needs to be in your photo will be a piece of paper (or a napkin, a paper plate, a dollar bill, or you get the idea) with the following written on it verbatim. Anything different will not be accepted. Example shown.

2021 Fall Madness
Your Name



Only one prize per person. Prize categories will be given out in the order below:

1st Longest Stringer......$250
2nd Longest Stringer......$180 
1st Longest Speckled Trout.....$160
1st Longest Freshwater Catfish (channel, blue, flathead)  (max 30") ……$160
1st Longest Black Drum (max 30").......$160
1st Redfish w/most Spots..........$130

Submit all photos by email to or if you have problems emailing the photos you can text them to 713-254-6515 in an emergency.


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