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Oct. 3rd - Nov. 15th, 2020
$35 Entry Fee

Welcome Ladies to the 2020 Fall Madness Online Tournament. 
The tournament will be from Oct. 3 - Nov. 15, 2020. All participants must be paid members of Gulf Coast Lady Anglers (GCLA). This is a 6 week online tournament. Catch your fish, put your fish on a Check It Stick with the assigned item, photograph your fish, and then email your photo. 

Sharon Stewart will be the tournament director. You can email questions to sharon.stewart@swbell.netPlease thoroughly read all the rules on acceptable fish, how to measure your fish and how to submit your photos.

Click the "Registration & Rules" button below to review the rules. To enter by mail print the form from this link.​ Mailed entry must be received by Thursday, Oct. 1st.

To enter online, complete the form below and pay by Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to pay via Paypal. There is a $1 paypal fee. By submitting this online entry and your fee you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the Rules & Registration for this tournament.

Good luck Ladies!

Tournament has started. The “designated item” which needs to be in your photo will be a piece of paper (or a napkin, a paper plate, a dollar bill, or you get the idea) with the following written on it:

Your Name

2020 FMT

Drawing of a Heart

Only one prize per person. Prize categories will be given out in the order below:

  • 1st Stringer                       $250

  • 1st Flounder                     $200

  • 1st Croaker                       $150

  • 1st Spots                           $140

  • 2nd Stringer                     $120

Fall Madness - Inaugural Kids Division
The designated item will be the same as for the Photo Contest sponsored by Debbie May.

Child's First Name 2020
Photo Contest
Drawing of a Fish
(See Example Below)




Only one prize per person and prizes will be awarded in this order.

1st – $50 Walmart Gift Card
Longest one fish (croaker, whiting, sheepshead, sand trout, flounder or speckled trout) – No 1” penalty as in the Ladies Division. Just measure the fish on a Check-it-Stick

1st – $25 Walmart Gift Card
Redfish with the most Spots (any size redfish, both sides, spots must be separated). Must follow state fish size rules so if it is undersized or oversized please photograph and then release.

$10 Walmart Gift card for 2nd place in each category.

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